My Stack

I like learning about new products that could impact my life, or the lives of others, even if I decide not to adopt them. These are products I really love. I feel joy when I use them. Most are easy to use and super fast. Some have eliminated just a little bit of friction, but I use them for hours a day – and thus those “small” improvements have had a dramatic impact.

Roam Research – perhaps my favorite product in 10 years.

Readwise – use it mostly for Roam integration. Helps me retain, follow up on, and integrate much of what I read for future reference.

Eloquent (beta) – helps ingest more information into Roam.

Grain – I think the transcriptions are pretty darn good. I like being able to refer to later on- particularly powerful with Roam. Of course the other side of the Zoom call needs to consent to the recording upfront.

Upwork – terrific for virtual work, in particular virtual assistant. If you haven’t used before for VAs, just follow this.

Superhuman – amazing to think that 20+ years after free email I now pay for email. But Superhuman is that good. Underrated? Their customer service.

Genius Scan – astoundingly fast and reliable scans. My most underrated app.

Google Authenticator – Can set it up in 30 seconds. I love speed.

Speechify – Turns anything into audio and allows me to ingest more information while on the go.

LastPass – My favorite password management tool.

Airpods – I’ve tried others and keep coming back.

Western Digital Passport – Just makes backup super easy.

Eero – Easy to set up and I have found very effective.

Elgato Key Light Air – WFH is here to stay. Invest in the right lighting. Key Light Air is a great option.

Opal C1 – “DSLR quality on a webcam” is the tagline and it doesn’t disappoint.

Oura Ring – It isn’t perfect but has had a meaningful impact on my sleep and eating patterns.

Things – Yes, I pay for a to-do app and yes it is worth it. Sync between different devices and ease of use are terrific. It does one thing exceptionally well: help keep a to-do list.